Our primary goal is to help you complete your transaction and protect your products.

In Postal Hub, we offer a variety of business services including private mailbox rental.

Our Services

Mailbox rental

Rent one of our mailboxes and start receiving your mail and packages at a single address.

Packages and shipments

Every shipment comes with options for declared value coverage, tracking, proof of delivery, and more.

Print 3D

Print your architectural models, let your imagination fly, we help you, print what you want.

Packaging supply

If you need help with packaging, we are ready to assist you with a variety of packaging materials including corrugated boxes, shells, foam packaging and more. These are just some of the services offered by the experts at Postal Hub.
Do you need privacy and security for your mail and packages?

Security for you and your family, if you have a business and do not want customers to show up at your home, protect your family with a private mailbox at Postal Hub


24 Hrs On-Demand

This service is recommended for people who only need to receive a package occasionally, once or twice a year.


Pick up your package at the time that best suits your schedule, any time of the day, afternoon, night, early morning, get your package available in our smart maibox.


Just give us notice with an email or call and your package is placed in your assigned box so that you can pick it up at the time you want.

If the address or your name does not appear correctly on the package, envelope, letter, etc., it may not be recognized by our system and it may be returned. If your order is something large or a large number of boxes, please let us know before ordering.

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