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1I am Mexican, can I have a contract with just my passport?
That's right, no matter your status, you can hire.
2I don't have a credit card. Is it possible to pay in cash?
Sure, we accept cash and card payments.
3In my family we are more than 3 members, what is the family limit?
3 members per mailbox.
4What is the maximum time that a package can be in my mailbox?
The necessary time, only has a storage cost after the first 3 days.
5In the event that I or one of my registered family members cannot go to pick up the product, can a family friend go?
Sure, you just have to give notice by mail ( ) with a copy of your identification.
6Is there a maximum number of packages to receive per month?
There is not limit.
7If I contract the 24-hour service, is it true that I can go at any time?
That's right, you can pick up your packages at any time.
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